Winners of the SWICCOMAS prize 2022

The SWICCOMAS committee awarded three SWICCOMAS prizes 2022, for the best Ph.D. thesis 2021:

Dr. Erik O. Hiltunen, with the thesis title « Asymptotic analysis of high-contrast subwavelength resonator structures”
Thesis director – Professor Habib Ammari, ETH Zürich.

Dr. Mattia Cenedese, with the thesis title “A Geometric Approach to Nonlinear Mechanical Vibrations: from Analytic to Data-driven Methods”
Thesis director – Professor George Haller, ETH Zürich.

Dr. Adrien Laurent, with the thesis title “Algebraic Tools and Multiscale Methods for the Numerical Integration of Stochastic Evolutionary Problems”
Thesis director – Professor Gilles Vilmart, Université de Genève.

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