SWICCOMAS 2024 GA and Poster Competition

The 2024 SWICCOMAS General Assembly was held at ETH Zürich on February 16th 2024.

It included a Distinguished Open Seminar by Prof. Francisco Chinesta on the theme of Physics-Based and Data-Driven Advanced Numerical Technologies Enabling Physics-Informed Digital Twins.

Recording available under this LINK.

The event was concluded by a Student Poster competition & Apero.

Winners of the Student Poster Competition:

1st Place Shashank Saxena Pushing Length and Time scales in Atomistics via statistically-averaged Coarse Graining  ETH
2nd Place Roxane Ferry Unveiling the influence of slip-weakening laws’ on rupture dynamics: beyond fracture energy in controlling rupture profiles  EPFL
2nd Place Fabio Zoccolan Dynamical Low-Rank Approximation for SDEs  EPFL