Dr. Max Hodapp from LAMMM, EPFL, has been selected as the Swiss-based candidate for the 2018 ECCOMAS PhD thesis award on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering.


Dr. Joseph B. Nagel won The SWICCOMAS prize 2018

For the thesis dissertation:

Bayesian techniques for inverse uncertainty quantification

ETH Zürich – Thesis director Prof. Dr. Bruno Sudret


The thesis deals with Bayesian techniques for inverse problems under uncertainty. A probabilistic framework for treating both epistemic (lack of knowledge) and aleatoric uncertainties (natural variability) is established. Hamiltonian Monte Carlo is then proposed in order to tackle the computational challenge of exploring possibly high-dimensional posterior distributions. Beyond that, novel approaches to computational Bayesian inference are developed on the basis of variational methods and polynomial chaos expansions. They try to overcome the shortcomings of traditional sampling-based Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms. A variety of problems, either simple or realistically complex, from the domain of civil, mechanical and hydrological engineering serve for demonstration purposes.