Managing Board

As of March 24, 2022, the Managing Board is composed as follows:

Chair: Prof. Eleni Chatzi. Prof. Dr. Eleni Chatzi
Professor and Chair of Structural Mechanics,
at the Institute of Structural Engineering, of the Department of Civil, Environmental
and Geomatic Engineering (DBAUG), ETH Zürich.


Vice-Chair: Prof. Dennis M. Kochmann. Prof. Dr. Dennis Kochmann
Professor of Mechanics and Materials in the Department of
Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zürich.


Treasurer: Prof. Marco Picasso. photo placeholder image
Adjunct Professor, Picasso Group at the Institute of Mathematics, EPFL.



The Board will officiate till March 2025, until a new election.


Previous managing Board

The previous Board was constituted of the founders of SWICCOMAS, since its creation in 2016. They were elected at the GA in February 2019.
They led and directed the assocation until March 2022.


Chair: Prof. Jean-François Molinari. photo placeholder image
Professor and Head of Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory at Civil Engineering Institute, EPFL.


Vice-Chair : Prof. Assyr Abdulle.
remembering Assyr Abdulle,
Professor and chair of computational mathematics and numerical analysis at EPFL.


Treasurer : Prof. Rémi Abgrall
Professor at Institut für Mathematik & Computational Science, Universität Zürich.





The Board is elected every three years by secret votes of the members and should be composed by three members, including a President, a Vice-President and a Treasurer.

The Presidency of the Managing Board will rotate every three years.

Members of the Association can resign for the next year by sending a written notification to the President until September 30th of the year.

Prospective members must apply in writing to the President who will inform the board.